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The list, posted这里, reflects just a fraction of the bills that the Sierra Club California staff lobby on throughout the year. But it also reflects our best assessment of which bills will require strong effort to pass or block.

Our positions on bills are determined by a committee of experienced volunteers who bring expertise about issue areas and the law to their work. Once a year, after the bill introduction deadline, these volunteers review bills and finalize positions.

Our staff recommends positions for bills, but the volunteer legislative committee has the final word. The committee members are careful to ensure that the positions we take are consistent with Sierra Club policy, are in the best interest of the planet, and will support equity and environmental justice.




Another is to coordinate with your local chapter’s political committee to become part of an in-district lobbying effort. You can learn more about in-district advocacyon our website.

Going forward, you’ll see emails from us alerting you to the progress of some of the listed bills and urging you to act by sending an email or making a call. Your calls and emails make a difference, so please do respond to our alerts.

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tesla park

Last year saw many Californians seeking refuge in California’s state parks system to escape the COVID confinement. And while most of these state parks bring joy to those able to explore them, the entity in charge of managing those parks - the California Department of Parks and Recreation (State Parks) - often brings frustration to Sierra Club activists.

Earlier this month, Sierra Club California staff and volunteers released a white paper highlighting State Parks’ abandonment of its mission to preserve the state’s extraordinary biological diversity, protect its most valued natural and cultural resources, and create opportunities for high-quality outdoor recreation.


El Dorado县的Washoe Meadows State Park富含本地野生动植物,包括黑熊,Pine Marten,Long Ear bat bats,Northern Goshawk和迁徙的鸟类。但是,在与公园活动家发生了十多年的冲突之后,Washoe Meadows仍处于危险之中,因为州立公园公开公开发表了保护公园所有资源的最佳方法。

Oceano Dunes in San Luis Obispo County is one of the most extensive dune systems on the west coast. But years before environmental awareness became part of land use decisions, California decreed that the dunes should be a playground for off-highway vehicles (OHV). Now, State Parks has a woeful plan to continue OHV use at the dunes even as evidence mounts that doing so threatens endangered species and public health and safety.

最后,特斯拉公园(Tesla Park)是阿拉米达县东南部的一个丰富的生物多样性地区,吸引了自然主义者,生态学家,动物学家和其他生命科学家已有100多年的历史来研究自然和自然系统。但是,州立公园计划开放OHV使用的区域,这肯定会干扰景观,并受到威胁和威胁野生动植物和稀有植物社区。

开云体育连串过关塞拉俱乐部(Sierra Club)拥有丰富的公园倡导历史,并可以公开进入户外和自然。因此,我们是加利福尼亚公园和娱乐部(州立公园)最自然的盟友。

With the release of this paper, we hope that State Parks, the commission that advises it, and the Newsom administration that oversees it, will take action to resolve long-festering problems at the three parks highlighted. Such action will help ensure that future generations can appreciate the state parks, and the biodiversity they harbor, as we do today.


开云体育连串过关塞拉俱乐部加利福尼亚water organizer Molly Culton is expanding her work with volunteers in the Loma Prieta Chapter to help stop the Delta tunnel.


Learn more about the Delta tunnel and Valley Water District by attending Molly’s webinar at either of these two times:

星期二,3月23日,2021年6:00 pm -7:00 pm(Register)
Wed, Mar 31, 2021 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (Register)

而且,如果您在南加州,并想帮助组织者Caty Wagner电话银行通知其他人隧道所带来的问题,则可以注册这些时间:

星期三,3月17日,2021年6:00 pm -8:00 pm(Register)
THU,3月18日,2021年3:00 pm -5:00 pm(Register)

由Caty Wagner撰写


本月三角洲隧道的大新闻是围绕#Deltatunnel -Metropolitan Water District(MWD)的最大支持者的丑闻。去年,几名妇女和LGBTQ+人士说,她们在MWD遭受了虐待和歧视,经理和高管忽略了它。

Thestory first broke洛杉矶时报在2月初向公众致意,然后随后another story, and most recently,社论detailed a suicide by an MWD employee, in one of their buildings, with a note talking about the workplace.

As the news articles rolled out, Nury Martinez, president of the Los Angeles City Council,sent a letter of inquiry致MWD董事会主席,表明洛杉矶代表可以离开MWD。洛杉矶县监事会加入了CA劳工联合会,民主党核心小组主席迈克·吉普森(Mike Gipson),助理发言人劳拉·弗里德曼(Laura Friedman),公共安全主席,进步核心核心小组的创始人兼创始人,以及国际画家和联盟贸易联盟区议会36呼吁州MWD的审核.


The revelations of MWD’s behavior is no surprise to the activist community who have fought MWD over its long-held support and financing of the Delta tunnel project over the years. Restore the Delta’s Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla wrote a博客条目that hit home with many SoCal Sierra Club members who are familiar with the MWD board’s callous attitude towards them. Barrigan-Parilla describes glaring looks from the board, a lack of seating for disabled volunteers, and the presence of menacing armed guards at meetings.




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